Shopeneur is a Software as a Service (SaSS) application that provides sellers with the following:

  • A platform to build a storefront website to display their products
  • Integration with Facebook to track ad conversions and create dynamic ads
  • Integration with PayPal to create Invoices and receive online payments
  • Integration with Google Analytics to view website e-commerce metrics
  • Integration with Mailchimp to create email marketing campaigns

How it works

You can subscribe to Shopeneur via PayPal or in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

After you subscribe, there are two main web applications that you will be working with :

  • Shopeneur Portal - in the portal, you will build and manage manage your site. You will be able to add products, add store branches, configure e-commerce, etc.

Create Product Category

  • Site - the site will be the actual website that will be presented to your potential customers.

Create Product Category

How to get started

In this online documentation, we will provide a set of tutorials to help you get started using the portal to create your site.

You should go through the tutorials in sequential order.