Facebook Ads

In this example we will create an ad for a product in your Shopeneur site. The ad will be optimized for the ‘Purchase’ conversion event.

The ‘Purchase’ conversion event occurs when a customer makes an order for a product. Facebook will use their algorithms to advertise your products to people who are most likely to make an order on your website.

  • In the Facebook Ads Manager, create an ad

  • Set the ‘Campaign Objective’ to Conversions

Fb Ad

  • In the ‘Ad Set’ section, select your Pixel and set the ‘Conversion Event’ to Purchase

Fb Ad

  • In the ‘Ad’ section, add the Url of the product details page. You can get the Url by opening your Shopeneur site in a web browser, navigating to the product details page and copying the URL from the browser.

  • The image and titles should display automatically.

Fb Ad

  • Finish your ad an publish it.

Viewing Purchase Conversions

In the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard, you will see the number of ‘Purchases’ conversion under the ‘Results’ field.

Fb Ad

As more ads are run, Facebook will get better at targeting people who are more likely to make an order on your site and fire the ‘Purchase’ event.

You ad is optimized for the ‘Purchase’ conversion , and you should get a better Return on Investment (ROI) for your ad campaign.