Facebook catalogs

A catalog holds information about the items in your inventory. You can use the information in a catalog to promote your inventory and business across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

Create a catalog feed

In Shopeneur, you can create a product catalog feed to automatically send a list of products to Facebook.

  • In the Shopeneur portal, click on : Advertise > Facebook

  • In the ‘Facebook Catalogs’ page, click the Create New link to create a catalog.

  • Add the catalog information.

Create Catalog

  • The currency converter is used when you want to display your product price in a new currency.

  • Click the ‘Create’ button when your are done.

We will now add products to the catalog.

  • Click on the Products » link in the catalog.

  • In the Catalog page, click on the ‘Add New Product’ link to add a product to the catalog.

Product Catalog

  • A catalog requires four or more products. Keep adding products to the catalog.

Catalog Feed Url

  • Copy the Feed URL to paste into Facebook.

Create a facebook catalog

Catalog eCommerce

  • Select Upload Product Info and set a catalog name.

  • Click the Create button when you are done.

Product Info

Add a product data source

  • In Facebook Catalog, click on the Product Data Sources tab and then click on the Add Products button.

  • Select Use Data Feeds and click the Next button.

Use data Feed

  • Set the data feed to be updated to Set Automatic File Upload Schedule and add the feed URL that you copied from the Shopeneur portal.

Use data Feed

  • Set the schedule to Weekly . The catalog will be automatically updated on a weekly basis.

Feed Schedule

  • Click the Start Upload button, Facebook will upload the products from the data feed.

In the Product Data Sources tab you can see the details of the feed.

Product Feed Settings

  • In the Settings section, click the Edit button in Image Cropping.

Image Transformations

  • Select Fit image to ad and click the Save button.

Fit Image

  • Click on the Products tab to view products in the catalog

Catalog Products

Add the pixel to your catalog

  • In the Facebook Catalog, click on the Events Data Sources link

  • Click on the Connect to Tracking button

Catalog Products

  • Select the pixel and click the save button

Catalog Products