Google Analytics

Google analytics will help you track your website traffic. In addition it provides a method to collect e-commerce data on your website.

Create your Google Analytics account

Follow the instruction in this link to set up your Google Analytics account : Set up Google Analytics

Create a property

In the following example we will add a Shopeneur site to Google Analytics

  • In the Google Analytics portal, click on the Admin (gear) icon.

  • In the Admin section, click on the Properties Settings link

Create Properties

  • In the properties dialog, select Web and click the Continue button

  • Add your Shopeneur website details and click the Create button

Create Properties

  • Copy the Tracking ID to paste in the Shopeneur portal

Tracking Code

  • In the Shopeneur portal, click on Advertise > Google in the side menu

  • Paste the Google Tracking ID in the Add Google Tag page

Add Tracking Code

  • Click the Save button when your are done.

Test the Google Analytics integration

  • In Google Analytics, select the Realtime link

  • Then select the Content link

  • Interact with your Shopeneur website

  • You should see the pages that are currently being viewed

Test GA

Set up e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics

  • In the Admin portal in Google Analytics, click on the Ecommerce Settings link in the ‘View’ section


  • Enable ‘Ecommerce’ and Enhanced ‘Ecommerce Reporting’

  • Click the Save button when you are done

Enable Ecommerce

Testing e-commerce events

  • In Google Analytics, select the Realtime link

  • Then select the Events link

  • Click on the Events (Last 30 min) filter

  • Interact with the page and you should see the ecommerce events being fired

There are two Event Categories :

  • engagement (action : view_item) - A user viewed the details of a product

  • ecommerce (action : purchase) - A user submited an order

Test Ecommerce

View e-commerce data

  • Click on Conversion > Ecommerce > Overview

Test Ecommerce

It may take up to 24 hours for Google Analytics to report e-commerce data

  • Click on Conversion > Ecommerce > Product Performance to view product order and revenue statistics

Test Ecommerce

  • Click on the Shopping Behavior filter to view product views and other product events statistics

Test Ecommerce