Shopeneur allows a seller to display products to potential customers on their site.

Product Categories

Products are grouped within categories.

For example, an ‘iPhone’ will be placed in a product category called ‘Mobile Phones’.

  • To create a product category in the portal, click on Products in the sidebar

  • Click on the ‘Create New’ link in the ‘Product Category’ page

  • Create a product category

Create Product Category

  • After you have created a product category, click the ‘Create’ button.

Add Products

You will add products within product categories.

  • Click on the ‘Products »‘ link in the Products Categories list.

Categories List

  • In the ‘Products’ page, click on the ‘Create New’ link to add a new product.

  • Create a new product

New Product

  • When you have added a new product, click the ‘Create’ button.

New Product

Add Product Images

You can add multiple images for a product.

  • To add an image, click on the ‘Images »‘ link in the Products page.

  • In the Product Images page, click on the Create New link.

  • Create a new product image.

Product Image

  • Click the Create button when you are done

Product Image

Viewing Products in the site

In the front page of your site, you will see the product categories.

Site Product Categories

  • Click on the ‘View Products’ button to view all the products in the category.

Site Products In Categories

  • Click the Details » button to view the product details.

Site Product