Shopeneur utilizes an order model for selling. Customers create an order and submits the order to the seller. The seller reviews the order and then contacts the customer to fulfil the order.

View orders

  • Click on Selling link in the side menu

Pay Pal Order

  • Click on the ‘Details’ link to view details of the order

Handling orders

You should contact the customer via email to confirm the order details, payment and delivery before you handle the order.

The following methods are used to handle orders :

  • In Store Pickup - Email the customer to come to your store and pick up the product when you have prepared the product for them to pick up

  • Shipping/Delivery - Calculate the shipping fees and include it in the order

Pay Pal Order

  • For Credit Card payments, Create a PayPal invoice and send it to the customer. You can learn more about PayPal Invoicing by clicking the link.

  • Once the customer pays, you can ship the order

  • As good practice, you should provide the tracking id to the customer to track the shipping and follow-up to verify the customer receives the order