PayPal Invoicing

Shopeneur provides integration wil PayPal to generate PayPal invoices for customer orders.

You can create and send an invoice in minutes. Choose to send your invoice via email and get paid via a credit card.

Sign up for a PayPal Business Account

To integrate with PayPal, you should have a PayPal Business Account.

Follow the instructions in the PayPal website to sign up for a PayPal Business account.

Sign Up for a Pay Pal Business Account

Create a Pay Pal sandbox account

The PayPal sandbox account allows you to create a test account to test your integrations.

To create the sandbox account, follow the instruction in the Pay Pal website.

Create a Pay Pal sandbox account

Get credentials to use the PayPal API

Before you can integrate with PayPal, you must set up your environment to get a client ID and secret credentials.

Follow these steps to get your credentials.

  • Log into Dashboard and type your PayPal business account email and password.

  • In the REST API apps section, click Create App. The purpose of this app is to generate your credentials.

  • Type a name for your app and click Create App. The page shows your app information, which includes your credentials.

Pay Pal Configure

To show your live app information, toggle to Live.

  • Click on the app name and copy the client ID and secret for your Live app. We will use these values later on to configure Shopeneur.

Pay Pal Configure

Add a webhook

A webhook is used to notify your Shopeneur site when certain PayPal events occurs. For instance, your site will be informed when a customer pays an invoice.

  • In the same page where your got your client id and secret, you will see a web hook section.

  • Click on the Add Webhook button.

  • Set the Webhook Url as:

Select the following Event types

  • Invoicing invoice cancelled
  • Invoicing invoice paid

Pay Pal Configure Pay Pal Configure

  • Click the ‘Save’ button when you are done.

  • Copy the Webhook ID

Pay Pal Configure

  • We will use this value later on to configure Shopeneur.

Add Pay Pal Configuration in Shopeneur

In the Shopeneur portal click on the Selling in the side menu. In the ‘Selling’ page click on the Pay Pal link.

Add the following values that you acquired from PayPal

  • Client ID
  • Secret
  • Webhook ID

Pay Pal Configure

Pay Pal supports approximately 25 currencies. If your currency is not listed, select a currency that is acceptable to you and add the relevant currency converter.

  • Click the Submit button when you are done.

Create your seller information

  • In the Shopeneur portal ‘Selling’ page, click the Seller link and create your seller information.

Seller Information

Manage Pay Pal Invoices

When you successfully configure PayPal, customers on your site will be informed that you support credit card payments with Pay Pal.

Pay Pal Configure

  • When customers submit their order , they can request payment with Pay Pal.

Pay Pal Configure

Create a draft Pay Pal invoice

  • In the in the ‘Selling’ page, click the ‘Orders’ link and click on the ‘Details’ link in the order. You can only create a Pay Pal invoice when the ‘Payment Method’ is set to ‘Credit Card’.

Pay Pal Order

  • In the ‘Order Details’ page, click the ‘Create Draft PayPal Invoice’ button.

Pay Pal Order

  • After you create a draft invoice, your can send it to the customer via email.

Pay Pal Send Invoice

Invoice Payment

  • The customer will receive the invoice via email and pay the invoice online

Pay Pal Invoice Paid

  • When the customer pays an invoice, the status of the invoice is changed to ‘Paid’.

Pay Pal Invoice Paid

Add shipping tracking information

If the customer request shipping/post, when they pay the invoice and you have shipped the product, you should add the shipping tracking information.

Click the ‘Tracking’ button to add tracking information.