Create your website

  • In the side menu, click on Website
  • Add your site details

Create Site

  • Click the create button when you are done.

If you want to add a site hero banner at the top, the dimensions of the banner image should be approximately 900px x 300px. You can experiment with different image dimensions to see which one works best. The maximum file size allowed is 500Kb.

Edit you site details

In the Website page, go to the ‘Site’ section and click the Edit button.

Edit Site

View your site

In the Website page, go the ‘Hosting’ section you will see the URL for your shared hosted site under Shared domain

Site Url

The shared URL is in the format : https://{Url Shortname}

For example,, where ‘rayconsulting’ is the ‘Url Shortname’.

Click on the URL to view your site in the web browser.


In a future tutorial, you will learn how to add your own domain to host your site.